An incomplete list of some of the projects we have done, are doing, or at least are planning to do.  We also have a Telegram channel with an update feed, if you'd like to stay updated.

The Afflicted

Years after the outbreak of a deadly plague, after all quarantines failed and the outside world became a lost cause, uninfected survivors live under the protection of an oppressive domed city. The law declares that exposure to the wilderness means death. Under these conditions, a tribe of eight infected outcasts begins a journey. They mean to reach the only other living city of which they know, chronicling their lives along the way. As they struggle with disease, exposure, hunters, and even their own disagreements with one another, can they pass on their legacy before they pass on?

The Afflicted is an anthropomorphic dystopian adventure novel, weighing in at roughly 120,000 words in its most current released version (and already well more than that in the upcoming future revision.) It is a story of love, loss, sacrifice, remembrance, life, death, honor, and redemption. It is a story of legacies and living on, either through heroic deeds or simply through the lives one has touched.

Featuring a cover illustration by The Owlette (with lettering by RKTDWG) and chapter illustrations by Sparkyopteryx.

There are plans for a massive revision of this novel, but due to real-life busyness and other projects taking our attention, these plans have been in limbo for some time. Version 1.55 (the latest release before the new revision) is available on Smashwords on a Pay-What-You-Want pricing model and on the Amazon Kindle store for as low as the system would allow it to be set. This is mostly due to discomfort over charging too much for an "older" version while knowing that a newer one is in the works. However, given the massive scope and glacial progress of the revision project, The Afflicted version 1.55 will likely continue to remain the most current released version for the near future. Maybe someday, though...? In the meantime, please enjoy it as it is now.

The first three chapters (out of eight) are available as a free sample in our Weasyl gallery.

Let's Plays

We occasionally do full-length Let's Play style game blogging.  The games we have covered so far are:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

[Incomplete, Abandoned]

Other works

Other stories, writing, and artwork are available in our Weasyl gallery.


Smaller-scale writeups on miscellaneous games we've beaten or decided to abandon are available under their own tag on Dreamwidth.


Music available on our Bandcamp page.


For our Twitch video series, see the Warm Fuzzy Game Room website.