So who is this collective of weird forest animals, anyway...?

Hello, and thank you for your interest!  I am Celine Kalante Love, and we are a plural system.  The five of us pictured above--Sara, Ardei, Kurt, Fang, and I--all share a body, though I am usually (but not always!) the primary or "main" presence.  The others are all former characters of mine who (depending on which one we're talking about) either came to life inside my head like a mental or spiritual Pinocchio, or became the vessels for various psychological subfragmentations of mine like Geno from Super Mario RPG.  If this all sounds confusing and you would like to learn more, Collective Solipsism's Multiplicity FAQ and Healthy Multiplicity are decent places to start.


If you'd like to refer to us collectively, you have several options.  Names that refer to me primarily, such as "Celine's System," "Celine & Friends," etc. usually work, so long as you're respectful and not deliberately dismissive of the others.  "Kjorteo Kalante" was my online name before I transitioned, and we've since repurposed it as an account name when signing up for things and as a general system descriptor.  "Kjorteo" no longer describes me and I would prefer you not call me that, but in a pinch, it can sort of describe the general online presence for all of us.


That said, you're probably best off calling us the woodlings.  That name came when Sara and I were the only system members, and both of us presented (fursona-wise) as white-throated woodrats.  When Sara decided to change her species to cat, our friends started calling us "woodrat and woodcat" or "the woodlings" and it just sort of stuck.  Fortunately, it ended up being a future-proof name; as the others came along, we could just say that they were woodlings, too.